Principal Encourages Heads Up Checkup District-Wide Screening

Anaheim Hills, California – November, 2020 Heads Up Checkup (HUCU), a Mental Health and Behavioral Risk Screening company has completed three school-wide screenings at Santiago Charter Middle School in Orange County, California. During these screenings, students suffering mental health crises have been identified – some with suicidal ideation, some in abusive situations with nowhere to turn. Santiago's principal, Dr. Jim D'Agostino, knows that lives have been changed for the better, and in some cases, lives have been saved – by proactively screening for mental health and behavioral risk. In this video, Dr. D'Agostino encourages the school board to consider district-wide universal mental health screening as a preventative measure.

  • According to the CDC, children’s mental health-related ED visits have increased and remained elevated through October. Compared with 2019, the proportion of mental health-related visits for children aged 5–11 and 12–17 increased approximately 24%. and 31%, respectively.

  • While calls regarding domestic abuse have decreased during the pandemic, advocates fear that victims are trapped with their abusers and unable to safely connect with services.

  • Researchers are learning that those with mental health challenges are more susceptible to falling ill with the COVID virus.

Now is the time – school-wide mental health screening could save lives on your campus.

Heads Up Checkup Completes Third School-Wide Screening of Students at Santiago Charter Middle School

Anaheim Hills, California – February, 2020 Heads Up Checkup (HUCU), a Mental Health and Behavioral Risk Screening company whose system has proven successful in uncovering anxiety, depression, deep-seated anger, suicidal ideation, aggressive intentions and more, has completed a  third school-wide screening of students ages 12-15 at the Santiago Charter Middle school in Orange County, California.  With 800 students opting in, the screening confirmed what mental health professionals had previously only been able to conjecture – that a considerable and growing percentage of middle school children and teens face significant mental health challenges and are willing to seek help and support.

“With the consistent, heartbreaking news of student suicides and school shootings, we have been proactively addressing the growing mental health concerns among teens at Santiago for the past two years.  We just completed our third year of HUCU school-wide screenings.  Our results coincide with the sobering national averages. A sobering thought for those of us who work at the school or have children that attend the school. Gaining an understanding of the specific mental health trends on our campus has allowed us to choose the most effective social-emotional education programs for our school. I know for a fact that we have saved some lives because of this screening and the ability to identify kids in crisis before they act out.  I urge other schools and communities to consider large scale mental health screening as an important part of student success plans on your campus,” stated, Dr. Jim D’Agostino, Principal, Santiago Charter Middle School.

Dr. Martin Eaton, clinical psychologist and founder of Heads Up Checkup stated, “It is alarming to me the lack of modern tools addressing this tragic epidemic affecting our young people.  It was and still is my mission to use my education and experience to help those who are being overlooked or whose behaviors were being discarded as ‘normal adolescence behavior.’ Heads Up Checkup was designed and developed as a way to screen individuals and uncover tendencies and circumstances that are deemed potentially hazardous to the individual themselves and /or others.”

About Heads Up Checkup

Heads Up Checkup was founded by Dr. Martin Eaton, a clinical psychologist with over 25 years experience working with children and families. Dr. Eaton recognized the need for a comprehensive screening tool that would be thorough yet quick and easy to access. After assembling a team of research professionals, software architects, and programmers, Dr. Eaton spent two years developing and testing the Heads Up Checkup prototype. Advisors from the fields of psychology, psychiatry, pediatrics, and education contributed their time and feedback.

Heads Up Checkup was beta tested in multiple pediatric practices in Southern California as well as Northern California, Arizona, and Indiana. The screening system is developed for use by schools, businesses, HMOs, the government and healthcare providers.