Heads Up Checkup is a Proactive Solution

Daily headlines report the desperate acts of people in pain.

“17 Killed in Mass Shooting at High School in Parkland, Fl”

“In Texas School Shooting, 10 Dead, 10 Hurt”

“Disgruntled employee kills 4 in Maryland.”

“Airline Employee Crashes Stolen Plane Near Seattle”

“This 16-year-old’s suicide letters are a cry for help and a national call for change.”

Delays in identification and treatment:

Reduce the probability of positive outcomes

Reduce workforce productivity

Increase the number of students failing or dropping out of school

Increase the costs to businesses for sick leave and turnover

Increase the number of incarcerated

Increase workplace and school campus violence, suicide, and homicide

Don't wait until someone is in crisis.

Improve your organization's safety and success with mental health and behavioral risk screening.

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